Quite Honored

I'm really stoked to announce that Shelter / Mark Simone have been selected to be one of the showcased furniture designers at Buildex and IDS West in 2014 in Vancouver, BC. 


We will be showcasing a group project at Buildex in February, a 28' wide swing set, made out of parallam. 

view A00.jpg

Each swing seat will be designed and crafted by a different designer. Here is our concept:

(s)wingspan product sheet00.jpg

The Leon Lebeniste custom woodwork shop in Squamish will be helping us build this seat. This will be our second collaboration with LL - I love working with these guys!

At IDS West in September, we will be unveiling a new piece of furniture inspired and built from the parallam material.

So thankful to the Structure program and Jason Heard for putting this together for us!